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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, said Lao Tzu.FeaturePics-StepPicture084201-90278

What this sage did not tell us is how to propel our reluctant legs into that first step.

I remember standing in the Resource Center (our fancy term for the library) in high school.  I was sitting on the sofa I’d sat on a million times during several years’ worth of Student Council meetings and research paper consultations with my teachers.

I looked down on the computer terminals (and yes, back then they were terminals) where I had struggled to learn basic programming to create a game I knew no one would ever play.

I saw the rows of books I had dug through to write pages on Ibsen, Shakespeare, Beowulf.

I smelled the familiar smell of grape gum and dusty pages.

I drank it all in and, after many years of wishing I could break…

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Spoil Your Appetite with Three Mouthwatering Food Blogs

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Blogging tends to make us hungry, which explains our tendency to highlight great food blogs. Today, you’re in for a particular treat: three food blogs that serve up gorgeous design on top of mouthwatering creations. Now, if only we could invent a Tasting Widget…


Don’t be alarmed by the site’s name — it’s perfectly safe for work, though probably less so for your keyboard (drool alert!). In this blog, burger-meister Matthew Ramsey unveils a new, groundbreaking masterpiece every week.

PornBurger In case you were wondering, yes, the “buns” are fried mac and cheese.

Each burger-of-the-week gets a playful name — the lobster patty pictured above, for example, is the Mac Daddy, since it’s sandwiched between fried mac and cheese “buns.” Matthew is using the Kiore Moana theme, which offers full-bleed (no pun intended) featured images. That’s how we get to view each gorgeously stacked, perfectly shot creation in all…

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